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We have a wide selection of corporate website design packages to choose from. Why choose a website with SWDL? Because all we include all your marketing and promotional needs in the one package price per month! They are priced into easy monthly installments with our Special Summer Offer prices now extended until 30/009/2012. View the web package details below:

SWDL_2FillWebsite 2 Fill £75/month

A tailormade package individually designed and put together by you, with your own choice of options!

  SWDL_2StartWebsite 2 Start £99/month

All you need to be live on the web! Full web hosting, email account, domain name and Google SEO.

SWDL_2GoWebsite 2 Go £119/month

Fully integrated website full of options and ready to go!

  SWDL_4UWebsite 4 U £145/month

Getting your ultimate business exposure - including social network medias - Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn

SWDL_4BiznessWebsite 4 Bizness £175/month

Everything to keep ahead of your competitors, including Google SEO and Social Networking! Read More...

  SWDL_xtraWebsite Xtra £305/month

Bigger and better to cater for marketing needs in large companies and room for growth!

SWDL_ECartWebsite E-Cart £355/month

Full e-commerce package with all the options ready to fill in with your products! Read More...

  SWDL_ photogalleryWebsite Photo Gallery £199/month

An excellent web resource to allow you to create your very own photo gallery portfolio.Read More...

SWDL_catalogueWebsite Catalogue £225/month

Create an online catalogue to display your products for your customers to see with a variety of options. Read More...

  SWDL_multilingualWebsite Multilingual £189/month

An excellent web resource to have your website seen in the other languages that you choose. Read More...

What do the web packages include?

1. Website Features

SWDL Copper

What do the website packages include?

These affordable web packages are jammed packed with free added features that most other web design companies charge extra for. All this is available during our SWDL Special 2012 Offer (offer extended until 30/096/12).

Affordable Professional Website Package:

  • Full CSS, PHP MySQL Database driven websites;
  • HTML page layouts and custom style sheets;
  • Two or three tier navigation system using CSS or Javascript dropdown menus, rollovers and button effects etc;
  • Website content optimsed for search engines;
  • Google Ads on 1st Page of Google
  • Compliant with HTML 4.01 W3C standards;
  • Online Contact form with automatic return to a selected email account.
  • Email account, domain name, and full website hosting are included for the first year!
  • Most of our packages have Google SEO included too!

This website product is unbeatable in quality and value. Top professional designers, full packages, affordable prices.

2. Additional Extras

SWDL Copper

That is not all!

Buy and add other interactive features to your website:

  • Facility to edit or change the text yourself
  • Form/Discussion Board
  • Polls
  • Blogs
  • Calendar
  • News updates
  • Currency Exchange rates
  • Clocks and International clocks
  • National and International weather
  • Stock Exchange
  • RSS Feeders
  • PDF and Printable downloads
  • Translation into European languages
  • Guestbook
  • Additional graphics/photos
  • Login Member Area
  • Google Location map
  • Estimate Forms
  • Vacancy Forms
  • 3D Banners and Graphics
  • Flash Banners and adverts
  • Advertising spots
  • Database collection for marketing
  • Members newsletter distribution
  • Webmail Facility
  • Site meters






That is just a selection of the many features that can be included in your website...and there are more...!

3. Writing

SWDL Copper

The Website Text Writing Package - What's included?

Includes 3 basic services:

  • Research on your field of business, related fields and your competitors websites;
  • Writing of website text, titles, captions and forms with keywords and search terms;
  • Proof reading and editing as necessary.

We can deploy these services for you in both electronic and print media
and the prices are not excessive as you can see below:

  • 5 page websites from just £495!
  • 8 page websites from just £792!
  • 12 page websites from just £1188
  • 20 page websites from just £1980
  • For a different number of pages just contact us for prices!
Read more information about these products

Why use us to write your website text?

Working primarily on the text and editing of the websites is a lawyer qualified by ILEX. This experience of over five years practising law provides proficient information, depth and understanding to provide a competitive and rich web text. We present information clearly and precisely in the website for potential customers. We are experienced and proficient in being able to provide you with all the wording for your website in a way that is optimised for search engines. Much research is undertaken to ensure that the wording is attentive to detail, up to date and clear for potential and existing clients and customers to understand.

4. Forms

SWDL Copper

1 Standard Contact form is included in the packages!

Others are available to buy:

  • Feedback - Allowing your visitors to give you a feedback on your site or other points;
  • Email a Friend - A facility to allow your visitors to send your site link to a friend, referring your website or company;
  • Complex Contact Us - This form provides your visitor with a greater scope to speak about his business request, include details and state how he found your website

Complex Forms - Buy additional forms to add to your website:

  • Request a Quote - This form allows your customers to request a quote from you by using a tailored quote form.
  • Careers - A form for potential candidates to submit that are interested in job vacancies advertised on your site.
  • Survey - A tailored form for your customers to fill out with automatic return regarding your website/ your services/ your products

If you would like us to create a different type of form for your website then please ask - our designers will be pleased to help!

5. Translation

SWDL Copper

Get a 12 package website translated into a choice of any 5 European languages for just £199/month:

Read more information and details on this product

Give your customers the choice. Let them choose to read about your website in their own language. They will be more likely to stay on your website and purchase your products. If you prefer to have a different number of pages we can provide that too...

  • French
  • Spanish
  • German
  • Italian
  • Arabic
  • Japanese
  • Portuguese

  • 5 - 8 page websites from just £350.00!
  • 12 - 15 page websites from just £620.00!
  • 20 - 25 page websites from just £1040.00!
  • 35- 40 page websites from just £1650.00!
  • >80 page websites from just £3300.00!

Many well known international companies give online customers the choice automatically of reading the website in their own language.

Research shows most people feel more confident reading in their native tongue (even when they understand english as a second language). Additionally most people are more likely to purchase products if they can read about the products or services in their own language.

There is an available market of hundreds of millions more people that your company can be available to by just a simple translation of your website.

Automatic translations such as Google often lack clarity and are ambiguous. At SWDL we use native speakers to provide the translation of your website text for you! Benefit from this great resource and tap into the worldwide market.

6. Stationery

SWDL Copper

Stationery Package - For just £299

you can add a custom designed stationery package to match your website - for an overall company look! This package includes:
  • Full graphic design service by senior designers with choice of 2 concepts and 2 revisions on selected concept
  • 250 custom designed company letterheads –
  • 250 custom designed company business cards (one name)
  • 250 custom designed company order forms(choose from 100 A4 size or 200 A5 size)
Read more information and details on this product


Stationery packages can be adapted to suit your company's needs. We have a whole range of advertising materials in our Graphic Design section in this website. In that section also, you will find a number of logo packages that our designers can prepare for your company identity.

7. SEO

SWDL Copper

Optimize your web presence!

Search Engine Optimization is used to increase the traffic to your website by using the Search Engines effectively.

Site Web Developers Ltd offer search engine optimization which will ensure that your business gets a better search engine positioning and at a price that's right.


5 Features of Search Engine Optimization & Placement!

By deciding to optimize your website you will benefit from the following:

  1. Higher search engine ranking and positing with search engines for your website.
  2. Greater visability on the internet.
  3. Sales increase.
  4. Higher number of visitors to your site.
Each search engine uses robots or spiders to scan your website checking its content.

SWDL analyse methods used by each robot and then provide it with the correct information so that when it scans your website your site can be optimized using the information provided as values.

Don't hesitate any longer, make sure your website is correctly ranked!

More traffic = more visitors = more customers = more sales.

8. Tips

SWDL Copper

TIPS and page ideas for your website.

Deciding how to present your company on your website can be challenging. Below are some page ideas and suggestions to start off with....

  • Home - A full page with your logo and giving an overview of your corporate identity, its goals etc;
  • About Us - Use this page to explain your company’s ethos, staff, your objectives, your experience.
  • Products/Services - A description of your products/services should be displayed clearly over a number of pages to give your customers a chance to analyse each service or product.
  • Team - Introduce your team players.
  • Portfolio - A page to show your services by photo (a maximum of 10 photos).
  • Special Offers - A page which contain special seasonal offers for customers to view.
  • Completed Projects - Talk about completed work projects
  • Office - Directions and locations of your office(s).
  • Links - A page to add useful links and to create a network of other realted companies and businesses.
  • Privacy Policy - An opportunity for you to explain your business policies.
  • Terms & Conditions - Place your terms & Conditions online for easy access by your customers.
  • Copyright - A legal page dealing with copyright issues.
  • News - A page with RSS News about your company or related industy.
  • Sitemap - This page will give an overall view of the website in its entirety and show where each page and feature may be found.




.....don't forget that the a countless number of pages can eventually be added to your website. Whatever package you choose this can be enlarged and enhanced at any given point without a complete re-design. Why not discuss your ideas with one of our designers?

Interested? Why not contact us!image

Please call us on phone 07966 585094
or use the Contact Us page on this website for more information.

All prices exclude VAT!

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