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Translation Services

Website translation – the smart move.

1. Translation Introduce your website to the rest of the world.

Why not broaden your market? Most people do not read the web in English and most people prefer to read in their native tongue.

Why not check out our great translation prices. Find out more on our Translation Services tab.

2. Website Text Writing Let us write your web text for you! If you find that you are too busy with customer work and company targets why not opt for our editing service.

This service is especially designed for those firms, that would like a website but do not have any time to dedicate to organising it! We are here for that.

3. Editorial Services These is a great way to save time and money. We spend all day working on websites, the design, database and the editing.

Why not leave it to us? Check out more about this service on our Editorial Services tab.

4. Office and Secretarial Services Offering a wide range of office duties including powerpoint presentations! Many cannot afford a secretary but we can provide this service without the need for you to think about employing someone.

5. Multilingual Websites Why not have your website translated by a native speaker in a choice of one of our 7 languages included in the Multilingual Package website?

Read more about this on our Multilingual Website page.

We can translate your languages using a native speaker in over 7 major languages!

Why not translate your website into another language?

The internet provides the opportunity of advertising your company and its products and/or services to not only an English speaking market but with a website translation many millions more can be contacted. This type of advertising is extremely cost effective.

Many people prefer to read in their own language. Many have more trust and confidence when researching and purchasing products and services that they understand fully. The additional benefit of translating your website is that you highlight your company forward moving and interested in international markets.

Automatic translation modules are a feature that can be incorporated into your website package with SWDL But one step further, why not use our translation feature? This is translated by a native speaker so you get a more accurate and friendly feeling to the translation.  

Multilingual Features:

Choose a translation in French, Spanish, Portuguese, German, Italian, Arab, Japanese on any of the following package sizes...

  • Multilingual Website 5-8 pages from £40/month
  • Multilingual Website 12-15 pages from £60/month
  • Multilingual Website 20-25 pages from £125/month
  • Multilingual Website 35-40 pages from £199/month
  • Multilingual Website >80 pages from £399/month
Translation"...Only about 1/6 of the world's population are english speaking. Why stop there? ..."

Great Features of Website Translations

The world is becoming smaller and smaller and with the internet it is a small, buzzing media village. Only about 1/6 of the world's population are english speaking. Why stop there? Why not introduce your company and its products to the rest of world. World pay and credit card payments mean that wherever your customers are, payment is made securely and online. People feel happier reading in their native language and with technology and other resources this is not an impossible task. We have the multilingual team, we do not rely on translation software. Our translators are natives of the country they translate in. We have the resources.

  • Introduce your company and its products to millions of more customers with a web translation!
  • More than 500 million people use the internet in a language other than English.
  • People are more likely to read and stay longer on a site in their native language.
  • People have more confidence and are more likely to buy products on a site in their native language.
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