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Social Networking

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Don't get left behind!

Social networking sites provide unprecedented opportunities to get the word out about yourself and your business.

socialnetworking.jpg Social media can do is make you a better company by allowing you to listen, react and build faster and more efficiently than ever before.

Customers buy from companies they know and especially from company's they trust. Social networking provides the link with customers and takes away a danger zone. The friendship link has been created from surfing ie employees use social networking as a quick break from work, or from regular contact in the evenings for updates.

socialnetworking.jpg Other people are going further and using social networks to build business relationships with colleagues and potential clients. LinkedIn is specifically targeted to that audience. And some are taking it further still and using social networking sites to actively promote themselves and their businesses.

We can create a business Facebook page for your new company website ...to give you the maximum opportunity!

What are the benefits?

Visibility: Engaging in social media and blogging on a steady basis helps you achieve constant visibility with you audience.socialnetworking.jpg Build a community: By making yourself available, reaching out to customers and sharing information, you strengthen your community and form new connections, new potential customers who will talk to others for you!

Decrease conversion time: Do you know what happens when someone from social media lands on your site to make a purchase? They do it faster. They need less convincing, less hand-holding and less actual talking to you. They feel that way because they already know you.

Highlight your product: Social media offers an additional avenue to show off and talk about your product in a friendly and informal way, replacing a small part, traditional methods such as business conferences leaving you more time for your business!

Talk about your company: Introduce your company name; slogan and product or services to people in your connections. People like to conduct business with companies they know. Your page visitors feel a part of the company and this leads to a loyalty to help and to recommend you and invest in the your success. Facebook"...one of the largest and fastest growing communication resources at the moment and as such cannot be ignored by growing businesses..."By telling your company’s story and sharing that with users, you create a personal feeling and make people invested in your success.

Facebook and LinkedIn are one of the largest and fastest growing communication resources at the moment and as such cannot be ignored by growing businesses. By using these pages your company can benefit from a wide exposure of information, increase your sales and make known your company name and image. Look at the statistics given below:


86% : This is the number of people that have already interacted with a company found on social networking (for example : by clicking "Like" on the top of a company's professional Facebook page, or by becoming a follower of a Twitter account).

62% : Of the above number this amount of people are likely to recommend this company to others.

61% : The percentage of people that have used a company found on social networking and which gave them a feel a loyal feeling to it.

59% : The percentage of people who have bought after finding a company on social networks following a open discussion or an interchange with others on that social networking page.


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