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A lobbying group recently released "The Netsurfer's Simple Guide To Copyrights", which distills U.K., U.S. and E.U. copyright law into five maxims:

  • If you didn't create a written work, art, photograph, or music, or obtain distribution rights to it, you don't own it.
  • If you don't own it, you can't copy or distribute it.
  • The author or owner must explicitly relinquish rights for a work to be placed in the public domain.
  • Fair use allows copying of small portions of a work without the owner's permission, but only for education, and news reporting.
  • When in >doubt, ask for permission to use a work.
Any reproduction of illustrations or text (electronic, mechanical, recording by an information storage and retrieval system, derivative art and artistic rendering) or otherwise from this website is strictly prohibited. Any use of this information requires the express permission in writing from Site Web Developers Ltd.

Well that’s the legal stuff.

On a lighter note, if your purpose is non-profit, educational or conservation oriented, and if you ask, we'll probably say yes.

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