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Frequently Asked Question

What is a keyword/ phrase?

A "key phrase" is the phrase that you want to be ranked highly for in Google. For example, if we were running a business that provides company printing, you might want to be ranked for the following keywords/phrases:

Primary search terms/keywords:

  • printing companies
  • printing company
  • print company
  • digital printing company
  • brochure printing company
  • online printing company
  • commercial printing company
  • digital printing companies
  • screen printing company
  • flyer printing company

Secondary search terms/ keywords, are secondary

These are other keywords that might be typed in by website visitors. Secondary terms are phrases which are a second priority in the campaign, often due to heavy competition or low yield:

For this example that may includes phrases such as:

  • colour printing
  • printing brochures
  • printing services
  • digital printing

The Long Tail

These are sentences or questions posed by visitors regarding products or a request for information.

  • What is digital printing?
  • What business printing can I have?
  • Printers in Tunbridge Wells, Kent
  • What prices are available for business printing?
  • What is 4 colour printing ?
  • Getting company advertising printing

There are a number of lists given by Google containing hundreds of suggested keywords. SWDL spend time analysing your website, your customers and your goals to ensure the most profitable keywords are chosen from the list given so that your money is spent well and your ROI (return on investment) is worth the initial costs.